How Does Grant Cardone Make His Money?

How Does Grant Cardone Make His Money? The Secret Behind His Success

Grant Cardone has been in the business spotlight lately. Between his books about real estate investing and motivational speaking Grant is making the most of his fame. Cardone has been investing in real estate including many multi family properties. Grant was not always a rich and famous businessman.

Grant Cardone

How Grant Cardone got here

Cardone started his career in real estate back in 1997. At that time, the economy was collapsing and banks were refusing to make loans to home buyers and developers. Cardone knew that he could still make money by flipping homes. Cardone wrote his first book Money Confidence because he wanted to provide other people with the knowledge and motivation to get out of debt and get control of their finances. How Did He Get Big? Cardone has been able to build a large empire because he is gifted with the ability to teach others how to make money. Cardone has been making an amazing amount of money since he began his speaking career in 2003. He also started his own business in 2005 where he specializes in real estate development. At the time he only had a few employees.

How Grant Cardone makes his money

The true story about how Grant Cardone made his money is always hard to tell. According to Cardone, he started in the restaurant industry and later moved into real estate by investing in foreclosed homes and following market trends. Cardone then turned to a couple of other different ventures before eventually going to work for the Trump Organization in 1999. “I was asked to run sales and marketing for Trump International,” Cardone told Wealth-X. Over the next six years Cardone rose through the ranks of the organization until being offered a top spot at Mar-a-Lago Club. He rose to President Trump’s inner circle and eventually became the Trump Organization’s CEO. He was then promoted to the title of Chairman of Trump International Realty when he left the organization.

How Grant Cardone invests

Here is Grant Cardone’s favorite investing tip: “Track your cash flow. Track your monthly cash flow so you have the insight into what you have, what you need, and how much it costs you to do what you do. I go back to this every single day and it has been so freeing for me and I have no excuse not to pay my bills every month and I have money left over. I track every penny I spend and I make sure I have the money to do what I need to do. I have built my life in a way that I don’t have to rely on anybody, but me to do what I need to do.” Notably, this is exactly how Grant Cardone manages his own business. He has to make money and he can’t afford to use resources he can’t afford.

How Grant Cardone motivates himself

Let me start with a story. Grant and I were working on this phone interview when I got the news that former President Barack Obama was about to appear on “Ellen.” I am not a fan of the show but in a stroke of fate I happened to have an interview with Mr. Obama and mentioned it to my client. The next thing I knew he had booked Obama on the show and is now being featured in the segment. I am not saying this happened exactly like that but the outcome was the same. It inspired me to get the Obama interview done quickly and to then send an email to Grant. That was the beginning of a series of happenings that led to the rest of the pieces in this interview.


I hope that I was able to answer your questions. I would be happy to answer any more specific questions you have about my industry or my life. Your business is working hard for you.

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