El Rancho Restaurant

El Rancho Restaurant in Evergreen Colorado is a community landmark and has been since 1948. It has seen a lot of success and a lot challenges. A good deal of those challenges have come in the last few years. From Covid to partners not seeing the same vision El Rancho has seen some problems.

Jack Buchanan is Here to Save El Rancho!

Jack Buchanan has owned the building and land for El Rancho for a few years now. He had the Bannano Group in to run the show for a bit. Unfortunately Denver concepts never fly in our little mountain town. While Bannano Group was trying to create a market in Evergreen that didn’t exist, the business was tanking.

Jack Buchanan and his family are as much of a fixture in Evergreen as El Rancho itself. With deep roots in Evergreen the Buchanan family has always been some of the biggest cheer leaders for Evergreen and El Rancho Restaurant.

El Rancho Has Long Road Ahead

We all know that one restaurant that just keeps having challenges and really trying hard on every owner but just can’t seem to make it. Well El Rancho has been that restaurant for about 15 years. Nothing has really worked. I was in the restaurant biz for decades in a previous life and I can tell you it takes way more than the desire to make money. It takes knowledge of what the people want combined with the inner workings of a restaurant. Those combinations seem to be a lost art these days and I hope El Rancho can find that perfect combination.

El Rancho is Exactly What Colorado Is All About

When you think “Colorado” El Rancho comes to mind. From the log cabin atmosphere to Rocky Mountain Oysters and Elk on the menu. El Rancho Restaurant is all Colorado!

History of El Rancho in Evergreen CO

El Rancho was converted to a restaurant in 1948 (and that’s where our story begins). Over the years, El Rancho evolved to meet the changing needs of the community, expanding its facilities and services to include a restaurant, tavern, and even a dance hall, becoming a beloved gathering place for socializing and entertainment.

Give El Rancho a Try

Bring your family to El Rancho for a nice dinner and some great brewpub beers. With kids menu and adult beverage menu El Rancho has something for everyone. El Rancho is located at 29260 Highway 40, right off Interstate 70 so it is easy for anyone to get to in Colorado!

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