Grant Cardone to Deliver Personal and Professional Development Content for eXp Real Estate Agents

It’s no secret that education and training are cornerstones of eXp Realty. It’s why it has made a commitment to offering its agents more than 50 hours of free classes each week through eXp University. Last year, eXp upped that pledge by acquiring SUCCESS Enterprises, a longtime personal and professional development institution that has been around since 1897. And now, more big news: entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author and sales giant Grant Cardone will provide valuable sales training and content to eXp agents and its brands.

Grant Cardone

“At eXp Realty, we’re committed to investing in our network of over 55,000 agents with the best tools and resources to be successful,” said eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman, Glenn Sanford. “Having Grant as an extension of the eXp Realty agent development team along with the tools, challenges and mastermind opportunities that Grant and his organization has developed, we will be providing new ways for agents to ‘10X’ their mindset and their overall businesses.”

Cardone Is a Star on Discovery Channel’s ‘Undercover Billionaire’

Cardone has a long and impressive career and resume. For starters, he is the man behind the best-selling book and concept, “The 10X Rule®. He is also a star on Discovery Channel’s reality show, “Undercover Billionaire,” the CEO of Cardone Training Technologies, Inc., a recognized industry sales training expert, social media influencer and motivational speaker, to name a few. 

His commitment to eXp will be to develop education and training programs for use across all eXp brands, which will exist in parallel with the eXp University and SUCCESS offerings. eXp Realty agents will also have access to Cardone University® assets. Cardone will headline at eXp events, including the upcoming 2021 eXp Shareholder Summit on May 17-19 and the big fall event, 2021 EXPCON. The Shareholder Summit and EXPCON are open to current and prospective agents and investors. 

“As soon as I met Glenn and saw the growth of his company, I knew I wanted to be part of eXp in some way,” said Cardone. “Getting a chance to share my 10X Movement with real estate agents that are some of the most driven I have ever seen is what motivates me the most.”

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