Evergreen Colorado: The Best Place to Live in Colorado

The Ultimate Guide to Evergreen Colorado Winter Activities

Evergreen Colorado is a winter destination for tourists and loved by locals. Our mild winter in Evergreen Colorado really makes winter activities much more pleasant. From skate the lake on Evergreen Lake for New Years Eve to the Ice Hockey Tournament. Winter in Evergreen Colorado is not only fun it’s an adventure!

What is a winter destination?

Not only is snow a great addition to your winter trip it’s also a big bonus. Many people will travel outside the U.S. just to find a winter destination. There are so many winter destinations around the world to explore.

Day in the life of a traveler in winter


Many people prefer going to exotic destinations when it comes to winter vacations. There are many destinations in Europe where visitors can experience the same great things as they do in their everyday lives in the United States.

Each of the activities in an exotic location can be done in every city. So, if you love the winter activities of skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling or snowshoeing you’ll always be able to do that at your destination.

There are also winter destinations that are great for sightseeing.

Evergreen Colorado

Where is Evergreen Colorado?

Evergreen Colorado is located in the foothills of Colorado in the state of Colorado. The city of Evergreen has a population of 9,000. The city of Evergreen is located off of HWY 34 about 35 miles southeast of Denver, Colorado. Evergreen is located at an elevation of 5,000 feet, making the weather a little cooler and snow fallable as much as 100 days of the year.

Evergreen is a 2½ hour drive from Denver.

Ice Skating at Evergreen Lake

Ice skating in downtown Evergreen during the Christmas and New Years holiday season is a tradition. In fact the public ice skating rink is open during the winter for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Presidents Day, and Presidents Day. Evergreen Ice Skating is located on the hill at Pioneer Park on Evergreen Lake.

The Best Evergreen Colorado Winter Activities

Skate the Lake on Evergreen Lake

Evergreen Lake is the city’s beautiful lake located in the heart of Evergreen. The lake is used for ice fishing and skating. The skating on Evergreen lake is both organized and unorganized. People can organize skating on the lake either in groups or in community style, or by self invite. You can skate on the lake if you are new to skating or you can show up to the lake with your friends and skate in family style. Evergreen Lake has been the place for people to go to and have some fun, and it is very beautiful to see. Many visitors find skating on Evergreen Lake relaxing and enjoyable. The fishing on Evergreen Lake also attracts a lot of visitors to the area.

Lake Evergreen Activities

Evergreen Lake

Evergreen Lake

Evergreen Lake in Evergreen is a man made lake. The Lake is made up of 1,000 feet of bermed rim that was filled with soil and crushed rock. There are a total of 18 plus miles of hiking trails around Lake Evergreen. The Evergreen Reservoir holds an acre of water and provides a safe spot to skate.

Skate the lake on New Years Eve

Evergreen Reservoir is a great place to have New Years Eve parties. You can skate the lake at the Evergreen Lake ice rink. There are also boat rentals and food trucks if you prefer to have a more upscale New Years Eve party. If you would rather watch the party goers from a distance and have a quieter night, Evergreen Lake is a beautiful place to watch the New Years Eve celebrations.

Lake Granby Activities

Skate the Lake on New Years Eve

Skate at the lake on New Years Eve with a couple thousand of your closest friends. The annual skaters of the year party is held in celebration of skating in the New Year at Lake Granby. This event is a family friendly celebration with music, rides, games, food and amazing views of the lake. This party starts at 5 pm and will go until midnight. Tickets will be sold at the door.

Explore Granby

Explore Granby is a yearly volunteer event where people from all around come together to clean up the community. Volunteers come together to clean up the parks and streets of Granby and bring back pride. Volunteers set out to rid the city of trash, paint town banners, and much more. This event is held in February every year.

Lake Conundrum Activities

You’ve decided to make a winter getaway out of your winter vacation and your adrenaline starts pumping and your excitement level is set high. You don’t want to disappoint yourself and your guests. No, you want to make an unforgettable experience. That’s why you’re choosing Lake Conundrum to make a trip unforgettable.

Lake Conundrum offers a wide variety of activities including ice skating, ice hockey, winter tours and even fishing in the summertime. Although winter season has kicked off, the lake is open throughout the year. So there is no reason you have to miss out on your chance to make a nice visit to the region.

Tips for a Fun Evergreen Colorado Winter

For a little bit of everything Evergreen Colorado has you covered. If you are looking for New Years Eve parties to watch the fire works in the mountains, Skiing and Snowboarding on Mt Bachelor for a weekend getaway and more. The ski area was also rated as one of the best in the country.

Take Evergreen Adventures

Evergreen Adventures is a great place to start for outdoor adventure in Evergreen Colorado. Whether it’s mountain biking or snowshoeing adventure. To find out about skiing, tubing, snowmobiling, winter biking, summer tubing and snow tubing in the area visit http://www.evergreenadventures.com/

Every year Evergreen offers a race called a sport course ski marathon. Starting at 7 am on January 1st with gates opening until 10pm.

Evergreen Lake Ice Hockey Tournament

Looking for some winter hockey? Evergreen Lake Ice Hockey Tournament is the place to be. Ice Hockey is America’s favorite outdoor winter sport and ice hockey in Evergreen is pretty awesome. The tournament runs January 13-14, 14-15 and 14-16. It is a four team tournament and fun for all ages and skill levels.

Evergreen Winter Light Show

This Evergreen tradition started in 1962, Evergreen has over 1700 Christmas lights. One that’s known locally is Evergreen’s Winter Light Show on the Evergreen Golf Course. The drive through display of over 2000 colorful lights will run Fridays-Sundays from Thanksgiving through New Years. It is a drive through display of over 2000 colorful lights and running from Thanksgiving through New Years.

Evergreen Lake Skate the Lake New Year’s Eve Celebration

Skate the lake party is the biggest party in Evergreen. New Year’s Eve brings a fun family friendly celebration for all ages at Evergreen Lake. This winter event includes skates and board rentals. Skate the Lake will feature music, DJs, and outdoor games. Enjoy food and drink specials and fireworks at the conclusion of the evening.

December 31, 2017 – 9pm to 1am | Evergreen Lake, Evergreen, CO 80439 | 1 Adult | $5

Find it: Evergreen Lake Facebook

New Years Eve at Jack Frost

Happening at Jack Frost Mountain, the annual New Year’s Eve celebration will start with a 21+ dance party featuring local DJs, a champagne toast, and midnight fireworks. Enjoy dinner and a DJ from 8pm until 12am.

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