Denver Colorado Neighborhoods and the Area

What to Know About Denver Colorado Neighborhoods: A Guide to Denver

What to Know About Denver Colorado Neighborhoods: A Guide to Denver. There are some great areas in Denver Colorado to live. It depends on what you would like to be near, what you like to do and what your home buying budget is.

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Denver neighborhoods are diverse. Denver has many different neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods are known for being more conservative and others for being more liberal. Many of these neighborhoods are diverse with people of all races and ethnicities living in them.

The cool thing is that every Denver neighborhood has something for you and a lot of those neighborhoods also have some beautiful spaces.

View real estate listings for your new Denver Colorado home and see some of the things you can do and see to make your home feel even more like a home.

The Neighborhoods of Denver Colorado

Denver is home to 6 distinct neighborhoods, each offering their own types of lifestyles and micro cultures. These are some of the best neighborhoods in Denver Colorado.


The Arvada neighborhood is a small walkable community with easy access to transportation and a wonderful park.

The home owners association maintains the beautiful and well kept community center. It features a bar, private rooms for children’s parties, a small gym, business center, computer room, kitchen and meeting rooms. There is a nice playground for the little ones to run around.

Children will love the outdoors at the Arvada Country Club and Arvada Club.


Families and young professionals gravitate to Amherst.

Denver Colorado
Denver Colorado

Downtown Denver

The City and County of Denver and The Colorado Convention Center

Denver International Airport

Where to Stay: Westin Hotel Denver

What to Do:

Denver Zoo


Good to Know About Denver Colorado Neighborhoods: A Guide to Denver is available now.

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North Denver

South Broadway


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How much can you expect to pay for a home in Denver?

In Colorado, home prices range wildly depending on where you live. Some neighborhoods in Denver are expensive and others are not. Here are a few places where you can find a home for your family.

There are some great areas in Denver Colorado to live. It depends on what you would like to be near, what you like to do and what your home buying budget is.

North Denver

North Denver is a prime location for families. It is close to downtown Denver but it is much quieter than the city and the Denver International Airport. It’s a great area for families, whether they work in the city or live in it. It’s also a great area for folks that enjoy a quick escape to the mountains in the winter.

East Denver

Housing stock: There are definitely options for home buyers who are looking to get a condo, or townhome. These may be the right fit for single family homeowners who are looking to downsize to something smaller and more affordable. The housing stock tends to have newer homes.

East Denver is the best option for new families. The area is close to the airport. It’s close to I-70, with a state park nearby, the Union Station MARC Train station, and the Denver Zoo.

Athletic trails are popular in Denver with the trails right in Denver attracting visitors from all over the world. Many Denver-area sports teams are centered in the east Denver area and it’s a great area for people who like to ride their bikes and run.

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Kids who love to play sports will love this area.

West Denver

West Park

University Park

Urban Discovery

Baldwin Village

Emerald Triangle

Denver is a fairly large city, so it can be overwhelming to even begin to think of what neighborhoods are the best for you to live in. The big thing about the home buying process is to do your homework, so we put together this post to help you figure out what areas are best for you to live in Denver. Of course, all of these areas can vary in price, so keep that in mind when you’re looking to buy a house, but if you’re new to the city, don’t fret too much. Try to look at some of these areas as a starter neighborhood.

West Denver

It’s no secret that Denver has a lot of housing choices. Some neighborhoods are really great and some aren’t. West Denver is really a great choice.

Places to Visit

We recommend going and looking for home to buy in places that appeal to you. These are places to start to view and get an idea what you can find if you decide you would like to live there. You can do your research with online maps, Google Earth, and online real estate maps to help you decide on the best place for you.

Private Neighborhoods

If you really want to build your own community in a neighborhood you can. People who live in this way have privacy in their own homes, without anyone really knowing who they are. Because they live on the second and third floor of the house they can feel like they are away from the rest of the world. You can still drive to the store and go out with neighbors and share life.

Cherry Creek

Denver Tech Community

Denver International Airport

Heritage Park

Arvada West

River North

Boulder Downtown

Airport Neighborhoods

Arvada and Edgewater have great walkable neighborhoods and less traffic than many of Denver’s neighborhoods. The city is walkable from the airport to downtown, and close to Cherry Creek and its shopping. Edgewater has easy access to walking trails with plenty of hiking, biking, running, and jogging trails along the creek.

If you are looking to live close to the city with easy access to museums, parks, galleries and public transportation, then downtown would be the ideal spot for you. It is close to schools and major highways and has plenty of parks. Also, it is about 10 minutes to downtown Denver and features beautiful old architecture and buildings.

Denver Tech Center

Denver Tech Center This neighborhood is home to a huge tech company, like Google, Cisco, and others, making the neighborhood a high tech area. There are areas to work in the area that include work, and a neighborhood with great shopping and restaurants.

Park Hill

Park Hill This neighborhood in Denver is full of shopping and restaurants, and is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in the city. It has different areas to work in, and is also walkable and convenient to everything in the city.

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch This neighborhood is one of the most unique in the city of Denver. It has a mix of high rises, and great restaurants, and is a beautiful neighborhood. It has a perfect view of the mountains, so it is a beautiful sight to see.

Park Hill

The Park Hill Neighborhood is Denver Colorado. It is well-known for the beautiful green spaces, country lawns, abundant trails, fishing piers and well-maintained golf courses. You can find areas to walk and sit outside, play sports, ride bikes and even see horses.

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is a small but active community that has an abundance of stores, banks, restaurants, coffee shops, drugstores, medical clinics and local museums. It is a community where you can shop at a variety of stores, including Walmart and Target, without taking a long drive. Highlands Ranch is a very safe community and close to downtown.

Boyd H. Grubbs Neighborhood

Boyd H. Grubbs Neighborhood is close to downtown but also has some great things to do.

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Congress Park

Great schools, open space, amazing restaurants, scenic hikes and biking are just a few of the great things to do in Denver Colorado, as well as access to the entire metro area!

In Denver, you will find some great neighborhoods to live.

The neighborhood around Washington Park is great for walking, exercising and enjoying your lunch, especially if you are doing it around two of the most popular parks in Denver — Washington Park and Denver Botanic Gardens.

Washington Park is part of the Denver Parks and Recreation Department, with public gardens and sports fields, a skate park, swimming pool, canoe and kayak launch and picnic areas. Just east of Washington Park is Golden Triangle. Great for families, this area has low crime rates, lots of trees and beautiful green space.

University Park

Denver, Colorado (PRUnderground) May 14th, 2018

What to Know About Denver Colorado Neighborhoods: A Guide to Denver. There are some great areas in Denver Colorado to live. It depends on what you would like to be near, what you like to do and what your home buying budget is. University Park – Denver. It’s located just about 5 miles away from Downtown Denver. It’s full of neighborhoods that make Denver unique. There are some affordable options and some very upscale ones, as well. This is a great place to move if you are seeking a new home in Denver. What to Know About Denver Neighborhoods: A Guide to Denver.

There are some great areas in Denver Colorado to live. It depends on what you would like to be near, what you like to do and what your home buying budget is.

Capitol Hill





West of Downtown

There are some great areas in Denver Colorado to live. It depends on what you would like to be near, what you like to do and what your home buying budget is. If you want to be close to Downtown Denver or have access to the Mountain Time Zone, then look for a brand new house or apartment and there are plenty available. In addition, there are some fantastic areas with brand new houses available, with many of them in the same neighborhoods as the other homes.

If you want to be close to the mountains and get lots of sunshine, a home near Denver’s southern border and the suburbs might be the place for you. This type of house may be a little smaller than most of the other homes around here but it also costs less than most houses on the market.

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