Buying a Mountain Home in Colorado: The Best Tips for Finding Your Dream Property

Buying a Mountain Home in Colorado: The Best Tips for Finding Your Dream Property

If you are buying a mountain home in Colorado there are few things to consider. No need to be scared they are just a little different. With wells, septic and train being different than most you should trust a Denver mountain real estate agent. That doesn’t mean a real estate agent in Denver. Most of them are not educated enough to buy or sell in the mountains of Denver. They know city properties and those properties are much easier to list and buy.

Denver Mountain Homes
Denver Mountain Homes

Section 1: A little about me

I am a Denver mountain real estate agent. My dream is to one day buy and sell a mountain home in the Rocky Mountains. I grew up in Colorado and always wanted to live on the mountains. I know mountain living in Colorado. I know what they need, and I know they need snow. So that is a must for me to buy a property in Colorado. However, I am not alone. Mountain real estate agents are out there as well. Some like me, born and raised in the mountain, most like me are city people. They just have a dream of living out on the mountain. We all have a dream. You want a little bit of everything, and I can show you that with this article.

The Best Tips for Buying in the Mountains

One important piece of the mountain home sale puzzle is that you want a mountain real estate agent who is aware of the best deeds for buying a mountain home. The next thing to consider is that your agent needs to know what properties are for sale. That is the next step. Once you pick a real estate agent you will have to decide on a location.

It’s important that you don’t settle for a mountain home in Colorado just because it’s the closest mountain home you can get to Denver. You will want to ensure that you are buying in the best possible location.

A Short List of Locations

These are the three locations that I’ve listed that I have found to be the best locations to buy a mountain home. They all have a couple of things in common.

Things to Consider

When searching for a mountain home in Colorado there are a few things you need to know.

Wells – If you can imagine water can get you even farther up in the mountains. Of course it takes a while for it to get to your house, but a well can pump water from the nearest aquifer or directly from a stream.

Stone Walls – This is what sets this kind of mountain home apart from your run of the mill mobile home or cabins. This material will likely take longer to be shipped from where you live and once it gets there you will have to take out a loan and pay someone to cut it and install it on your property.

If your going to be doing any home improvements like adding a deck, or building a pole barn, they will likely take more time and money. This can add even more pressure on you.

What you need to do before making an offer

It is important that you do your homework before making an offer. Your home will need to be thoroughly inspected by the county fire department for any safety issues. A certified building inspector will need to verify the condition of the structure. An engineering report and structural history must be taken to a licensed structural engineer. He will evaluate the property. This is to ensure that the home you are buying does not have any structural issues that can cause a safety hazard. This is usually all he does, just one inspection. Buyers will need to fill out the appropriate forms and documents to determine the closing price of the property. You will also need a job history, finances, references, and insurance to be considered for a loan.

Request a list of all the appliances that are included with the property

The first thing you need to ask a Denver real estate agent is the list of appliances and how much it all costs. This is really important, it is almost as important as a hard pay day. It helps you decide if it is something that you can afford, something that you want or something that will add value to the property.

Be very specific about the location

When you are buying a mountain home in Colorado there is a lot of important things you should be aware of. The time of year it is and the weather and how well you can ride your snowmobile, ride your bike and run the trails. A real estate agent should know all the key points to pay attention to. A lot of Denver mountain real estate agents may know the main parts of the city, but not the hidden secrets that you need to know.

Ask for an inspection of the septic system and well

Most Denver mountain real estate agents will have a company come to the property to check the well and septic system. In the Denver area most wells and septic systems can be inspected by a third-party. Ask your Colorado real estate agent to make sure the property is an easy sell. No need to sell the beautiful mountain view to the insurance agent, just keep it and tell them it will bring a huge amount of profit.

Don’t believe everything your agent tells you

With many mountain real estate agents that are just doing their job, the mountains of Denver are not as popular as they used to be. It’s very common for the first offer on a mountain property to be $100,000 above the asking price. Ask for another appraisal.

How to get your loan pre-approved

You have to be looking at the market to know what property is good for sales in the mountains. For sale sign violations are common, even in the city. How to do you sell a home that has a pink laundry room that hasn’t been painted in decades? You can pay a lot of money to a contractor to come fix it. That is not going to happen. You have to clean out the home. The home should be show ready and show that you are putting a lot of effort into the home.

Even if you aren’t selling to a home-buyer right away you should be cleaning it before it goes on the market. Buying a home in the mountains should not be done with a dirty house. You need to make the home clean and ready to show off. That’s why cleaning is so important. If you need to paint any room go ahead and paint it.

Denver Mountain Properties

However, if you are looking for a Colorado mountain real estate agent then I would recommend one that has the knowledge to purchase and sell properties in the Colorado mountains. One of the things that I do for all my clients is take them for a tour of the mountains to get a feel of the property and get an idea of how it will look.

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I let them take over most of the checking and signing and I usually write the closing note. Most of the real estate agents I am using have either been out on the mountain property, or have a history of selling out on those properties for me. The best agents I have are the ones that are trained to buy or sell properties in the mountains.

Home Inspection

If you are buying a mountain home you will need a home inspection. Not all mountains are protected against all natural forces and one could fail during the winter snow season. You will want to make sure it has strong fire suppression systems. That could mean hiring an expert to inspect it. This could cost several hundred dollars but a real mountain home owner has insurance and could be covered. Also be sure to hire someone with a current Colorado insurance. No one wants to get stuck with another unpaid bill.

The Biggest Mistake I Made was Buying a Mountain Home that Didn’t Have a Home Warranty

One thing that I learned that I regret to this day is that I didn’t get a home warranty. I paid extra money and didn’t get it.

Evergreen, Colorado

When you are buying a mountain home in Evergreen, Colorado the process is a little different. Denver Mountain real estate is similar to buying a small home for your family. Once you find a listing you can look over the photos to get a feel for the property.

“Buying a home in Evergreen is the best option if you want a mountain home in Colorado. It’s a great place to raise a family, even if you have a smaller budget. So, I would suggest that when you are looking to buy a mountain home to look at listings from both Denver Mountain Real Estate, and Evergreen Mountain Realtor. There’s so many beautiful properties to choose from in both communities. I’m even a Colorado native, and love our state so much that I wouldn’t mind buying one of the homes here in the mountains.

Morrison, Colorado

Morrison is where a lot of our clients buy homes. It’s a small ski town in the shadow of some of the Colorado ski resorts like Vail and Telluride. Why buy here? You’re close to an airport, in town, close to hiking and biking and close to mountain biking and ATVing. It has some great restaurants and breweries as well. For a mountain home in Colorado all of those things are pretty great.

When looking for mountain homes in Morrison, keep in mind that it is a large growing city. The population of Morrison is just under 11,000. The population is growing at a good pace. It’s easy to find homes in Morrison. It’s mostly a single family homes, and it’s usually close to nature.

Golden, Colorado

Golden is the second most populous city in Colorado. Golden is on the east side of the mountains bordering Clear Creek County and a wide variety of recreational property. The houses of Colorado are beautiful. Come to Colorado. You’ll love it.

Sunset Valley, Colorado

Sunset Valley has it all. A great school district, minutes from the Great Sand Dunes National Park, 15 minutes from Rifle, surrounded by national forest and private wildlife ranches, you will have the best of both worlds. Sunset Valley has an elevator that will take you into the private wildlife preserve that will give you a spectacular view. Sunset Valley is located on U.S. Highway 6. You can either stay in town and hike in, or you can drive straight through and get there.

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