Realtors Are no Different Than Real Estate Agents. The Cult is Not Worth the Dues

Why Are Real Estate Agents Leaving The Realtor Org: Here’s A List Of The Top Reasons

When I first became a real estate agent years ago I thought you had to be a Realtor (because my Keller Williams firm required it). I started to realize just how worthless the organization was. It is basically a lobbying group that pays politicians (RPAC) to vote the way NAR wants. Most of the politicians I didn’t agree with. At that point when I opened my own brokerage I left NAR (Realtor Association) because it made no business sense to me to pay $1000 a year to an organization that donated money to politicians I despise. Some MLS and state boards require real estate agents to be members.

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Why Real Estate Agents Leave The NAR Org

Let’s face it, the real estate industry is in a state of complete collapse. Most real estate agents are either facing bankruptcy, homeless or sleeping on friends couches. Despite their claims of a strong economy, sales have fallen, inventories are high, construction is down and brokers are having trouble making ends meet. Real estate agents in virtually every state have declared bankruptcy. Over the last several years approximately 100,000 agents have simply quit the profession. The few who remain are exhausted and depressed because of their failure to respond to the new and very tough market. Real estate agents are fleeing the field like never before. These are the top reasons real estate agents are quitting the Realtor organization: 1.

How the NAR Org is a Lobby Group

Every five years NAR brings Congress up to date on a “must know” list of all the changes in the real estate industry, then lobbies politicians to enact or defeat the suggested changes in law. They have around 300 staffers running around Washington D.C. and are very active in Congressional politics. NAR is particularly interested in Congress enacting laws relating to real estate agents and real estate agents servicing military families. They also work closely with insurance companies in lobbying for legislation regarding their proposed new coverage rules. NAR has opposed consumer protection regulations and they have voted against eliminating required disclosure of the types of insurance that a real estate agent sells.

What the NAR really does and why you should care

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is the biggest lobbying group in the United States. They have about 10,000 brokers that belong to their organization. While most agents don’t even realize this group exists it does and when you search for them online you will find their main site The website of NAR talks about what the organization is doing and who they work with. In case you didn’t know a large portion of the Realtor Association is lobbying and donating to politicians they think will vote for their side. This isn’t the first time NAR tried to stop the government from passing bills the NAR doesn’t like. In 2016 the House of Representatives voted to eliminate tax deductibility of real estate agents commissions.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Leave the NAR Org

The top reason for selling real estate agents join NAR is that they want to join the Realtor Association, but if they truly want to help real estate sales then they need to do more than sit in the back, look busy and not move anything. Here is the list of the top 10 reasons why you want real estate agents to leave the Realtor Association: You won’t see any of this information on the news. It is true and it is coming soon. NAR needs to change. There is more then just politics at play here. There are individuals in the organization that do not care about real estate agents. I want real estate agents out there to watch this in real time. I hope that these first few companies turn out to be good enough to revolutionize the real estate industry.

The Number of States that Require Real Estate Agents to be Members of The NAR

So which states require real estate agents to be members of the NAR? California. All State Real Estate Commission Members are NAR members, so all listings come to the national membership list. Colorado Illinois. All real estate commission members are NAR members. Michigan. All State Real Estate Commission Members are NAR members. Minnesota. All real estate commission members are NAR members. Oregon. All State Real Estate Commission Members are NAR members. Texas. All State Real Estate Commission Members are NAR members. Wisconsin. All State Real Estate Commission Members are NAR members. Washington. All State Real Estate Commission Members are NAR members. These are the states where the NAR is actually working for the agent’s business interests.

Why are so many low-tier realtors quitting?

The business environment for real estate agents has changed drastically from where it was 10 years ago. The main reason most agents are leaving the business is because: Higher commissions hurts agents bottom line. Higher commission hurts agents bottom line. Brokerage-wise, the best realtors now own (like with a publicly-traded REIT) their own brokerage. Therefore, they can negotiate their own agreements with their buyers. Much of the agents-only content that’s sent to agents is largely useless (mostly facebook statuses). In comparison, the MLS or NAR web sites are a gold mine of valuable information. About the author: Eddy Hartenstein is CEO of RE/MAX, the world’s largest residential real estate franchise.

How the NAR is a Lobby for Mortgage Companies

NAR publishes “information” in the form of publications, databases, training, courses and study guides in an attempt to increase homeownership and its various forms. The problem is, that when you are an agent in this profession you are essentially a lobbyist for the mortgage companies. The mortgage companies pay a lot of money to NAR for their so-called information. By providing the information you are basically selling the homes to the mortgage companies. Many real estate agents don’t know that and simply want the money. Is Your REALTOR® Association Holding On To The Dirty Laundry In Other Locations: Time To Fire Your Brokerage Broker? If you’re tired of NAR’s antics there are a few options to quit NAR. You can quit NAR and register as a non-profit and make your own rules.

It’s about politics and money!

See the 12 reasons below for what I consider the many, many problems with the Realtor organization. Here’s Why Real Estate Agents are Leaving The Realtor Org 1. Government Lobbyist When you join the National Association of Realtors (NAR), NAR pays your salary. It’s very simple. There is no reason for anyone to join this industry and then pay a salary of $1500 to $2000 per month to an industry lobbying organization. The sales side of the business can survive that without much trouble. If you are a broker, with much less overhead, and you can’t handle it, it’s tough.

There is no difference between a Realtor and a real estate agent.

In one meeting in Washington, I asked Chairman Greve about what the real estate association really did (after talking to many of my fellow agents who were members). In reality, the real estate association does nothing but lobby politicians to make rules that help their members. Other business, such as Home Depot, Amazon, General Mills, Harley Davidson, etc. spend billions lobbying and making laws to protect their business. I would compare Realtors to Microsoft. There is no difference between a Realtor and a real estate agent. They both require training and education. There is no difference between a Realtor and a real estate agent.

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