Golden Colorado is One of The Hottest Real Estate Markets in the Country

Golden Colorado

Golden, Colorado is a hot, really hot real estate market. Any real estate agent in Golden, Colorado will tell you they have never seen a market like this, ever. Inventory is tight and values are increasing at a higher rate than ever anticipated.

Golden CO
Golden CO

Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, not far from the capital Denver, Golden stands out among all of Colorado. The city is famous for its Old West history, reflected in its architecture and small-town atmosphere. A large historic sign stretching along Washington Avenue in Golden, Colorado, reads, “The West lives here,” and it is true. Truly a reason to move to Colorado.

You can leave the hustle and bustle of the city at Golden Gate Canyon State Park and get out into nature with some of the best scenery in the state. Visitors can hike, kayak and enjoy the fresh mountain air outside the city limits.

Golden is located just 12 miles from downtown Denver and offers a variety of small towns that delight visitors from the foothills of the Rockies. Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a great way to escape the Colorado wilderness and explore beyond township. With 35 km of hiking, biking and horse riding trails, the park is a natural oasis just a few miles from the city and 30 miles from Denver.

Just a short walk from the centre of Golden, the Golden History Museum and Park takes you back to the 19th-century homesteading era. To learn more about Golden’s history, visit Clear Creek History Park, Buffalo Bill Museum and Colorado Railroad Museum, while outdoors enthusiasts will find a great network of trails in Golden Gate Canyon State Park and Lookout Mountain Nature Preserve. In summer you can go kayaking and tubing in the Clear Creek White Water Park, or snowshoeing at the Lookout in winter.

Golden is located at the foot of Rocky Mountains north of Denver and is a beautiful city offering a variety of activities that will surely satisfy all types of visitors. Every month of the year there is something to do from summer hikes and brewery tours to history museums and state parks. Here are some of our favorite things to do in this charming Wild West town.

This charming city in the Wild West prides itself on its rich border history, and there are many places in the city where you can learn about it. Start at the Golden History Museum and Park to discover the pioneering life of the city of Golden. With artefacts and exhibits you get to know the people and events that have shaped the city.

This iconic symbol captures the spirit of Golden, a welcoming, forward-looking city that prides itself on its Western heritage. Golden, which was founded as the territorial capital of Colorado in 1859, is an idyllic former gold mining town surrounded by the highest points to the east, two high volcanic mesas to the north and south and mesas. The town of Golden has a distinctive rural western feel, partly due to its history of gold mining and partly due to its proximity to the Front Range.

Golden is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, a distance from the cities of Boulder and Denver. Golden houses the Coors Brewery, the Colorado School of Mines and the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Golden, Colorado is located in Denver’s urban sprawl at the gateway to the Rocky Mountains and is by the way the birthplace of Coors beer. Golden has a distinctive country-western feel, partly because of its gold-mining history and partly because of its proximity to the front range. Golden is the perfect place to enjoy nature. If you plan ahead, you can plan a healthy dose of history, culture and shopping for a weekend that you won’t forget.

The Wild West was alive when Golden became Colorado’s territorial capital in 1867. The city of Golden served as the capital of Jefferson’s Provisional Territory from 1860-1861 and as the capital of Colorado’s official territory from 1862-1867.

Colorado City became a small town south of Denver and became the new temporary territorial capital (see “One short event in Colorado City” ). When the capital was revoked on August 4, 1862, the territorial government voted to move to Golden, which had about 700 inhabitants. In 1867, the territorial capital was moved 19 km east to Denver City.

The Golden City, since 1861 seat of Jefferson County in north-central Colorado, USA It is located on Clear Creek at an altitude of 1,730 meters at the foot of Lookout Mountain, north of Denver; it is now a separate urban area on the Table Mountain Plateau. In the mid-1860s, Golden, then home to about 700 inhabitants, had the honorary status of a territorial capital and served as a legitimate source of territorial power. When Colorado City, a small town south of Denver, lost a large part of its population and leading citizens during the Civil War for various reasons, from military to economic, Golden became the capital of newly recognized Colorado Territory on 2 August 1862 and remained until 1867.

The city of Golden is a hometown and county seat of Jefferson County, Colorado, USA. It was founded on 16 June 1859 during the Pike Peak Gold Rush and named Golden City to honor Thomas L. Golden City. The Golden Cliffs to the north of Table Mountain Park are proud that the city is home to excellent rock climbing, hiking, trail runner and cycling.

If you want to try climbing, the local mountain guides Golden Mountain Guides [28] offer introductory courses. The view from the Golden Cliffs of North Table Mountain is spectacular and offers incredible photo opportunities. The Lookout Mountain Summit Car can be equipped with a cycling or walking trail.

A clear stream runs through the town, lined with paved cycle and hiking trails. The numerous museums and monuments of the city are a source of cultural pride.

Activities in the city can be divided between visiting historic sites such as the Coor Brewery or activities such as climbing, mountain biking and hiking. For more information about how to make the most of a visit to Golden, visit the Golden Visitors Information Center in the city center and adjacent to some of the city’s top attractions. On a nice day, visitors should also visit Parfet Park and Lions Park, two beautiful parks located right next to the historic downtown of the city.

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