Denver Foothills – Close Enough to the City but far enough away

Denver Foothills: Colorado’s Best Kept Secret!

The Denver Foothills is without a doubt the best place to live in Colorado and arguably the country. It is close to Denver but far enough away. That isn’t a slam to Denver but most people that move to Colorado come to Colorado for fresh air, elbow room and the mountains. The foothills are close to Denver and the ski resorts. It is also full of wildlife, hiking trails and everything that makes Colorado the place to live. The Denver Foothills include Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison, Golden, Indian Hills and Bailey Colorado.

Denver Foothills
Denver Foothills

The Denver Foothills

The Denver Foothills is a place to live and raise a family. The homes are small and secluded. They have quiet streets, yards and good schools. It is close to ski resorts and amazing hiking trails. The homes are low-maintenance and the schools are outstanding. Everything about the Denver Foothills is perfect. Denver has everything it needs and more. If you want a quiet town with great schools, good public transportation and lots of outdoor activities, the Denver Foothills is the place for you. You will feel right at home. You can make friends and keep in touch with those that live there. It is truly a good place to live.

Where are the Denver Foothills?

The Denver Foothills include the following towns and communities: Evergreen, Morrison, Golden, Conifer, Bailey, Fairplay, and Evergreen. All the towns and communities are far enough away from Denver that they are safe for the wildlife, close to nature and filled with what makes life great in Colorado. This Colorado Rockies The biggest wildlife attraction in the area is the elk. Elk are native to the area. There are numerous open spaces where you can see them, but the best is on the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Refuge. It is over 600 acres of land with elk and mule deer. The refuge is free and open to the public and it offers walking trails, fishing and even a nature center where you can learn about the area.

Local Events

In the winter, you can do all kinds of things here in the foothills. Take the family up to Golden and watch the ice skaters at the Ice Rink at South Broadway in Golden. It’s open year round and great for the whole family. Museums, theaters and events keep you busy the rest of the year. Some of the best restaurants in the area are here too, like The Kitchen Table and the Yardbird. If you are looking for some cheap entertainment, you can always head over to Adams County’s Theatre In the Box. It has different shows every night with a wide variety of entertainment. Schools The Denver Foothills is home to four different public school districts. That includes the Auraria Campus (which includes Evergreen High School), Denver, Golden and Thornton.

Hiking in the Denver Foothills Area

There are many hiking and biking trails in the Denver Foothills that you can explore. You can go hiking, biking or even horseback riding. You can see trees, waterfalls, meadows, creeks and so much more. You can have a picnic in the park, take a look at the wildlife, go fishing or even take a nap in the beautiful trees. The Denver Foothills has a lot to offer. You can find scenic drives and view the mountains. You can even discover hidden parks that you can visit when you don’t feel like going to the park. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of Denver but still feel like you are in the city. You can find activities that are family friendly and you can have fun while you are there.

Conifer Colorado Real Estate

It is hard to beat the luxury of living in the Denver Foothills. The high end communities that surround and shape the Denver Foothills make living in Colorado a very desirable proposition. Conifer is just a short drive to the city but with the mountain views that comes with living in the foothills you can never be too far from the mountains. Conifer is Denver’s lifestyle enclave and a one of a kind community. There are incredible private and gated neighborhoods with numerous restaurants and boutiques that offer wonderful shopping. To top it off there is an incredible amount of open space. Conifer has a plan to turn the mountain forts into parks.

Golden Colorado Real Estate

If you are looking for an affordable community with amazing views, Golden is the place for you. The picturesque town

Golden Colorado

Golden is a bit of a mystery and in many ways it has always been that way. The whole western slope of Colorado is surrounded by national forest. It is truly beautiful country. The history of Golden is quite impressive. It was founded in 1858 by a man named Walter Thompson and was named after Golden, Jamaica. At the time it was a gold mining town. This was in an area that the Union army had already occupied a year prior and was starving for supplies. For the women and children it was pretty dire. Also, since they were at war there was very little commercialism available. At one point the World’s Fair was held in Golden, but there was no one from that fair to speak at the ceremony. Now, I have never actually visited Golden, but it seems like a very cool place.

Indian Hills Colorado

Western Colorado Mountain Lifestyle Independence Pass is an amazing hiking destination with its high elevation and magnificent scenery, but make no mistake. The drive up it is like going up a roller coaster. Drive slowly and take your time. The elevation can be high and the road is narrow. If you have never driven Independence Pass, do it once before you put up your house and retire. Drive Independence Pass as a vacation, bring your family and you will be blown away by the beauty and the wonder. Hiking With the recent drought in Colorado this year, the wildflowers are extremely sparse and some of the trails are severely damaged. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t hiking for you to do.

Morrison Colorado

The town of Morrison, Colorado is the site of a Pioneer Christmas and the western most entrance of the Gunnison National Forest. While the town of Morrison is very small, it is packed with attractions. First off, it is located less than 10 miles from the Grand Lake area and lies at an elevation of 10,811. That is not a typo. The town was named in 1881 after General George A. Custer, one of the most celebrated soldiers in the history of the U.S. Army. General Custer died in a battle with the Lakota Sioux during the American Civil War. The town is also home to the Grand Lake Resort which is a town of its own. The town of Morrison is home to the Denver Washoe Club, which has several fine swimming pools and a healthy staff. There are also several fine golf courses in the vicinity.

Bailey Colorado

Tucked away in the heart of Bailey Colorado is a town that is hard to miss. The town is full of beauty, a sense of history and a friendly attitude. The town is nestled up against the local mountains and when the sun goes down you can often see coyotes running along the streets. The town has everything from bars and restaurants, to art galleries and bed and breakfasts. There is also a lot of hiking trails all over the area and right down the street is the local lake. This town is the perfect place for people that love the outdoors and want a small town atmosphere. There is no reason to venture out of Bailey Colorado if you don’t want to! All of the above are just some of the places that make the Denver Foothills such a great place to live and we hope you enjoyed our guide.

Evergreen Colorado

Established in 1860, Evergreen was known as the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was the original mining town as well as a great residential town. It is a mountain community where trees and mountains coexist. It is called the “capital of America’s West” because of its rich history and rich mineral wealth. It is a place where you can ski for just about your entire year long. Be aware that it can get chilly in the winter but in the summer it is just perfect. Even though it is considered a resort town, it is just a little bit different because of the hiking and mountains. There is hiking trails all over the place and also a roller coaster! There are several great schools in the area. One of the great things about Evergreen Colorado is its location.

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