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Dan Skelly is a real estate broker in Colorado and Florida. He specializes in horse properties, farms, ranches and luxury homes for any size transactions or property type. In Southwest Florida he works with water-front condos and homes as well as luxury properties that come at any price point. Dan helps buyers find their dream home while also assisting sellers sell their house fast! His high tech marketing will help you sell your house for the right price!Dan Skelly is a real estate agent/broker/owner in Evergreen, CO and Marco Island Florida. He's the best at what he does! If you are looking for the best Realtor in Colorado or Florida Dan is your man! In Colorado Dan’s a broker owner of Orson Hill Realty and focuses on horse properties, ranches and luxury homes. He can help with any size transaction or type of property; likewise he works with buyers and sellers alike to get their home sold fast with top-notch marketing tools that will tell everyone it's available. In Southwest Florida, he’s a licensed Realtor at Platinum Real Estate where his expertise lies in waterfront homes (including condos) as well as luxury homes valued over $1 million dollars up to $3 million+. With his experience here too working both sides of transactions - buying AND selling - let him help you find just what you're looking for quickly all while catering to your needs from start 'til finish!"
Dan Skelly is a real estate agent/broker/owner in Evergreen, Colorado and Marco Island Florida. Dan is the best at what he does. If you are looking for the best Realtor in Colorado or Florida, then Dan will be your man! He specializes in horse properties, ranches and luxury homes in Colorado. In Southwest Florida he works with water front homes and condos as well as luxury estates. He can help with any type of property of any price point-from starter to high end listings: single family residences (SFR), townhouses (TWR), condominiums (CNDM) new construction home sales where builders are involved; lot(s) - vacant land; farmlands & ranching interests that include agricultural operation(s). His marketing plan includes using pictures to attract potential buyers so they can see themselves living there like it was their own home right away-a virtual tour experience before they even step foot onsite!
Why Dan Skelly is your best choice for a Realtor.
Dan has been in the real estate business for many years and he specializes in horse properties, ranches, and luxury homes. In South Florida, he works with water front condos and luxury homes as well. The interesting thing about his work is that it's not all about making money-he actually enjoys meeting new people every day of his life as a realtor! He has lived here in Evergreen for 15 years now so you can be assured that when working with him during this process of buying or selling property you will have an expert to answer any questions or help navigate legal processes if necessary due to seller negligence (i.e., they failed to disclose something). It would be beneficial if you find an agent who cares just as much about protecting your interests as their own because then they are dedicated enough handle whatever surprises may come up during escrow on your behalf.
There are a number of reasons to work with Dan as your real estate agent. One reason is that he has experience, and for over 25 years he has been in the industry and knows what he is doing- you can trust him to be there every step of the way. Another reason why it would make sense to work with an agent like Dan, even if it means being unrepresented during negotiations (although this will likely result in getting you more) - is because when you go through the process of buying or selling your home, they will get you a better deal than anyone else could ever give. The last but not least good thing about working with someone who knows their stuff like agents do-is that by hiring one rather than going without assistance, then chances are high that when buyers purchase property on their own (which they typically don't know much about), they'll end up paying too much money which can total quite some change! So what's worth investing all this cash? Hiring someone who really knows how things work such as Daniel does.
The biggest struggle when selling a home is finding someone who will buy it. People are looking for homes that aren't necessarily on the market, they either find them themselves or through an agent. The best way to sell your home is to hire a Realtor and invest in marketing your property - Dan Skelly has been helping people buy and sell homes for many years! It's important to have a Realtor because they know all the ins-and outs of negotiating, plus can help you get the most money possible out of your property. A Realtor can also show you how prepare so that it's ready on time for sale
About Dan Skelly Real Estate Agent
Dan was born into real estate as both his parents were successful agents before him (his father being a top producer). Growing up in this industry he quickly learned what buyers really wanted from their properties. His knowledge about MLS systems helped him excel at research during college which gave him more motivation than ever after graduation to become one of Jacksonville’s finest realtors . He now resides with his wife Jenifer-in Hemingway Florida where he loves spending quality time with family fishing hunting boating camping etc.......
If you are thinking about buying a home in Colorado, make sure to do your research ahead of time. One thing you should know is the area and where you want to live. There's tons of neighborhoods in Colorado with different homes at various price points, so think carefully on what exactly it is that you need and can afford! The next step would be meeting with a mortgage lender who will help determine how much money can be spent on the house or property; this will also dictate which type of house may suit your needs best. For sellers Dan offers up some helpful tips as well - for example if there's something fresh looking around their property they want people to see only then staging begins (moving furniture around etc) but if everything has been done already then all photos should stand out as equally important pieces for potential buyers' consideration i.e it doesn't matter whether or not things are staged because photographs sell houses too!
You don't just set up a camera anywhere though- take advantage from when natural light streams through windows indoors during daytime hours (avoid harsh artificial lighting). In addition, prioritize listings by making sure any repairs have been made before listing the property on market - otherwise surprises could arise during transaction process