Colorado Real Estate: What You Should Know Before Selling Your House

Just because it is a seller’s market doesn’t mean you don’t need a good real estate agent. Also, people think they don’t need to market their home in a seller’s market. That is completely untrue and a way to not maximize your profit. So many real estate listing agents slack off in a seller’s market. A listing agent should give the same effort to selling a home in any market. More people through your door = more offers = more money and higher purchase price.

Selling Your Home
Selling Your Home

The home selling process

Find a home in a market that is on the move. Find your ideal neighborhood and buy a property.

How to find the right agent

Finding an agent to buy and sell your home depends on the buyer. If you are a buyer, you will have to choose from the top agents in your city. If you are a seller, you will have to choose from the top agents in your city. There are no rules in choosing your real estate agent, but it is good to start off with those who have done many sales in your city. They can use their previous sales experience to give you a solid deal. Make your first impression Even when you are not asking for any commission, a seller’s agent is still going to offer you something to sign a contract with them. The best time to introduce yourself is by delivering a personalised tour of the property. Talk about all the positives and be positive about your home.

How to price your home for sale – listen to your real estate agent

Pricing your home in a seller’s market requires you to take your agent’s advice and price your home at market value. But then you need to play the ball and not the man. Meaning, you don’t have to accept any offer that is less than the list price, but you do have to make a comparable offer. Your agent can advise you on that as well. The only way you will make money in a seller’s market is by having a competitive offer. The reality is, I know people who over list their homes when they are selling and are then taken off the market by the multiple offers and are not able to sell. You need to sell your home to a buyer that wants your home. This means you have to take risks in marketing your home.

Have your agent write a great listing description

An agent is a salesperson. But many agents make their living by writing. A listing that’s good, but short on description is worthless. The way you build a buyer’s and seller’s market is by knowing your market and writing an effective description. Your buyers are coming from another city, state or country. The seller is not interested in a two bedroom condo. They want a home with a pool and hot tub. Your description should include the features of your home that buyers are most attracted to. Let your buyers and seller know what you have to offer them. The buyer’s and seller’s will be highly interested in your property when they know what it has to offer. The listing should include all of the features your home has to offer in a neat and concise way that grabs a buyer and seller’s attention.

How to get your home ready to sell

You have to let potential buyers into your home and get them excited about the possibilities. Make sure you are show ready. You can’t show your home if it is in disrepair or dirty. Your living area should be ready for any purchaser. You should have enough décor and fixtures to showcase your home. If you have a nice home with beautiful décor and accessories, it will be much easier to sell your home and get more money than if you are selling a tired old home that doesn’t have the condition needed for buyers to buy it. Tips on marketing your home: 1. Make sure your home is clean and updated with an updated furnace. You want the buyers to feel good when they step in your home. 2. Include that bonus room if you have one or a separate room that can be used for entertaining purposes. 3.

What to do after you’ve listed your home – getting ready for the move

It is now time for the big push. What you need to do after you’ve listed your home is to get everything in order. Move all the contents out of your house, if you have a garage. Don’t have garage, find a dumpster. I do NOT recommend having renters help you move – it just turns into an expensive event. If you are going to be using a moving company, find out how much they charge for their services. Set up and update all your utilities and gas, since you will not be living there. Set up and update all your utilities and gas, if you are going to be living there. Decide on a moving company – contact companies in your area to find the one best suited to your needs. If you are moving into an apartment for the time being, keep track of all utilities. Always.


If you are selling your home in a seller’s market, don’t become too comfortable in your homes. Get to work marketing it and increase its value and get more offers. In a seller’s market, it is better to sell your home quickly. Go through the fixing list one item at a time and sell fast! Chasing after a buyer or trying to re-sell your home in a strong market are like chasing the wind. Be sure to have a buyer’s agent working on your behalf when the market is hot. Make sure your agent knows the market well and works to maximize your profits and sell your home quickly. What is the best method to sell a home in a high-demand market? Do you have any tips and tricks that you can share?

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