Best Places to live in Colorado

Best Places to Live in Colorado: Where to buy a home in CO (Colorado Real Estate)

Best Places to Live Colorado Evergreen
Best Places to Live Colorado Evergreen

Colorado is a huge tourist destination because of all the great things it has to offer. Living in Colorado is just the same. Where should you live in Colorado? Where is the real estate market the most affordable? Buying a home in Colorado is different depending on the area. The Denver Foothills including Evergreen, Conifer, Morrison and Golden is great for folk that want a rural area close to everything fun in Colorado. Denver is a great city with a lot to offer people that live in Denver.

Find the Best Places to Live in Colorado

Moving to Colorado isn’t just about taking in all the mountain views and relaxing in the state’s amazing parks, but about finding the best place to buy a house in Colorado. Not all of Colorado is a buyer’s dream and that is where we will help you choose the best area for your home in Colorado. The most affordable area for buying a house in Colorado is the Denver Foothills. Prices are high, but it’s great for families and young people. Families with young children that need a safe area for them to grow up. The Front Range is better if you want to be close to the mountains. Those who want to live in the mountains can do so in Evergreen, or Black Hawk. A good place to buy a house in Evergreen is Evergreen Colony and Woodland Lakes.

Denver Foothills

Pueblo Cost: $600,000 $600,000 Location: Aspen Lakes Aspen Lakes % sold: 5.6% 5.6% % of all homes sold: 3.7% 3.7% Average mortgage: $1,738 $1,738 Average property taxes: $1,336 $1,336 Monthly maintenance fees: $392 $392 Monthly homeowner’s association fees: $232 $232 Your mortgage payment: $2,087 $2,087 Condo fee: $264 $264 Lease length: 1 year or longer 1 year or longer Percentage of listings with a forward price range: 25% 25% Highest home value (median): $449,000 $449,000 Lowest home value (median): $180,000 $180,000 Median home size: $250,400 $250,400 Median home price: $236,500 $236,500 MSA home value: $487,700 $487,700 MSA home value (typical): $225,500 $225,500 Median home price: $227,400 Pueblo, the second largest city in Colorado is not for everyone.


Boulder is another great place to live in Colorado. It is a beautiful mountain town that has lots to do. Boulder is filled with shops and restaurants. The majority of the homes sold in Boulder are mountain mountain-style homes with big windows and a nice view of the Rockies. If you are looking for a home in Boulder that is a little bigger then you should consider buying in Boulder Foothills or even on the Pearl Street Mall. Firestone Firestone is a little different from the other cities in Colorado. It is less family friendly and more for bachelor or bachelorette parties. You should avoid buying a home in Firestone. This is a very small town. It only has 100,000 residents. They don’t have a lot to offer people that are looking for a place to live.

Colorado Springs

Top Towns In Colorado Springs: The Town That Lives For The Colorado Springs Police Memorial Colorado Springs offers the people that want to live in Colorado the best of both worlds. You can be in the very near proximity of Denver and Colorado Springs but you can also live out in the middle of nowhere in the Rocky Mountains. The City of Colorado Springs has grown so much and it is worth noting that since 2000, Colorado Springs is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in the country. Don’t let this be a factor in where you choose to live. Just because your property isn’t that far away from a city doesn’t mean it will be an easy commute. Because of this Colorado Springs is a great place to be.

Vail Village and Aspen

The Denver Foothills offers a lot of affordable options for everyone. Whether you are looking for a small farm or a luxury home in Vail Village, the real estate market in the Denver Foothills is full of choices. You could buy a farm in the middle of nowhere for under $300,000. Of course, if you are looking for a luxury home in Vail Village that looks out on ski runs, the prices will be much higher. The real estate market in Denver is much more diverse than you might expect, though. A recent study revealed that real estate in the Denver Foothills is the most affordable among the metro areas in the state. The places to live are different for everyone, so deciding which areas are best for you can be tricky. But at the end of the day, Denver is a great city with a diverse housing market.

Loveland / Fort Collins Area

Loveland is part of the bigger Denver metro area. Fort Collins, on the other hand, is just a couple of towns away from Denver. The major cities that fall in this area are: Loveland – Located in Northern Colorado. Plenty of rural and wooded area, great country air. Fort Collins – Located in the mountains just above Denver. Lots of farm land and outdoor activities, awesome for bird lovers. Boulder Boulder is the biggest city in Boulder county, and part of the larger Denver Metro area. You can find a job in Denver in 5 minutes, but still have plenty of land around to hunt or just get away from the busy city life. The major cities that are just outside the city borders: Boulder – Everything Boulder has to offer in a quick commute.

Evergreen Colorado

Evergreen is a great place to live in Colorado because it’s one of the highest mountains in the state. People can get to the mountains from Evergreen easily in a recreational vehicle or by renting a house to live in and move in. Buyers can look in the Hilltop and lower Magness area in Evergreen to find some great deals and low pricing. The houses are smaller and built on smaller lots which makes them the perfect size for someone to move in. Red Feather Lakes Colorado Red Feather Lakes is a beautiful place to live in Colorado. It’s a rural area with great recreation for the family. Some say it looks like Mayberry but that isn’t far from the truth. For the price of a home, you can own a piece of paradise. The best things about living in Red Feather Lakes is the closeness to nature.

Golden Colorado

The City of Golden is the best place in Colorado to buy a home. Evergreen is a town close by. It is the perfect place to buy a home and live in a friendly area. Go to a local community event. Try a downtown lunch in Golden. Visit the Renwick Museum or enjoy the rodeo and the local stores. Go to a sporting event, grab lunch in Golden or go to the movie theater to watch the latest blockbuster hit. Enjoy the mountains close by. As if that is not enough, consider the amazing private ski hill in Golden. The Golden Ski Resort is surrounded by beautiful mountains and has a great ski and snowboard resort right in your backyard. Golden is a great place to live. Denver Denver is a great place to live. It is the city of diversity, culture and music.

Denver Colorado

This is the most popular place to live in Colorado. When it comes to buying a home in Denver, you want to look at the property before you invest. Buy a home in Denver Colorado to feel safe and not be the victim of crime. The real estate market in the Denver area is very competitive. Buying a home in Denver in comparison to other areas is very cheap. Denver is a very desirable place to live in. It is a great city to have a quality of life because of all the activities that it has to offer. The city itself is very walkable. The affordability of home in Denver is also a selling point. The home prices in the Denver area is one of the lowest in Colorado. One of the biggest differences between the Denver Foothills and the Denver city is the cost of living.

Best Places to live in Colorado

According to my numbers, the best places to live in Colorado is anywhere in the mountain towns with less than 5000 people. This gives a good mix of a lot of potential, with lots of space, affordability, and access to the mountains. Home size There are many variables involved in how big of a house you can afford. I will cover many of the obvious details here. Size of the Home You should be able to pay the mortgage on your home no matter what size it is. The further you live from town, the bigger the home will need to be to get the mortgage for that area. To get a mortgage in Colorado you will need to do an appraisal for your home. The sales price of your house will tell you how much the mortgage on your home will be.

Real Estate News:
Golden Colorado is One of The Hottest Real Estate Markets in the Country
Golden CO

Golden, Colorado is a hot, really hot real estate market. Any real estate agent in Golden, Colorado will tell you they have never seen a market like this, ever. Inventory is tight and values are increasing at a higher rate than ever anticipated.

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