A realtors take on the Southwest Florida real estate market


The Florida real estate market has been improving for the past few years, but it’s not necessarily where you’d think. According to real estate agent Heath Miller, “the Florida real estate market has been stuck in neutral.” While this is a complicated issue, Miller explains that the state’s economy as a whole has been sluggish. Due to this, most of the large-scale developments that would impact the market are taking longer than expected to complete. This has created a backlog of projects that may take longer to get completed than buyers and sellers hope for. That said, there have been many positive signs as well. Palm Coast, a small, coastal community in northwestern Florida, has been one of the fastest-growing areas in the state. In fact, it has been so successful that the city passed an ordinance to encourage affordable housing growth. The region has also benefited from a limited number of new projects. For example, the city of Ocala is investing more than $250 million in infrastructure, green spaces, and other amenities. This will go a long way in improving the area and keeping it as a viable location for future business investments.Continue Reading

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