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Kittredge Park Creek Access Jefferson County CO Adverse Possession

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Jefferson County Colorado After homeowner blocks creek access to park visitors, the county seeks ‘adverse possession.

As a real estate broker in Jefferson County, I must say it scares me that the county can do this to a landowner. Is this a new precedent? Will I need to disclose to buyers?

When I hear stories like Taralyn’s I say to myself “If they can come for Taralyn Romero’s land they can come for ANYONE’S land”. This should terrify everyone that hears about this land grab by a local government for no other reason than “mob rules”.

Every single real estate broker and agent should join in on this fight! A person can not be a real estate agent and not find this to be absolutely appalling. Jefferson County Commissioners should NOT have the authority to do this to a landowner. Our schools are cutting bus routes and we are suing private landowners for a “swimmin’ hole?”

The fact the Denver New Channel is against the homeowner tells you exactally who you should side with. It isn’t the Jefferson County

Attention: County seeks “adverse possession” to seize land from Jefferson County property owner
Interest: Taralyn Romero on her 8-acre lot in Kittredge Park Desire: To get married and start a family, without being sued by her own county
Action: Please sign the petition calling on the Jefferson County Commissioners to drop this case. If enough of us speak out, we can stop them before they get away with this.